A Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architectural Engineering, Mr. Masino has been in the theatre consulting profession since 1988 and in the architectural profession since 1979. He is a licensed Architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects. Mr. Masino has worked with leading professionals throughout the theater industry in order to gain firsthand practical knowledge of “how things work”. As an example, he spent five months on site at the new Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino providing detailed design coordination during the construction of the Grand Theater, which features one of the largest and most complex stages in the world. He has also lectured on theatre design as a guest speaker at The University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Architecture. His personal interest in literature and art complement his appreciation and awareness of the performing arts.

His experience includes major design responsibility for a wide variety of performing arts’ and entertainment facilities, providing specialized design expertise to the project architect; designing seating layouts that insure good sightlines and a sense of intimacy; designing performer and production support areas that are both efficiently organized and properly equipped; designing and specifying theatrical equipment that exactly serves the theatre function whether it is legitimate theatre, dance, concert music, lectures, film, or multipurpose.

Mr. Masino is known for his creativity, problem solving ability, and for his straight forward common sense consulting style. His objective is to share his expertise with architects and their clients in order to achieve the best facility possible; to create spaces that work exceptionally well for performers, production personnel, and the audience.