As theater technology continues to expand architects have come to rely on the expertise of consulting specialists. Design by a team of collaborating professionals has replaced the architect/generalist approach. The techinical consulting team will be responsible for integrating the program objectives and functional requirements set forth by the user with the architectural building requirements of the performance and ancillary facilities.

Implementation of the project goals will begin with development and analysis of the building program and conceptual design, including:

  • establish seating configuration; seating sightlines and the relationship of the audience to the performance
  • establish building code criteria with regards to special theater construction requirements and handicap access
  • establish audience, performer and technical circulation
  • establish backstage production and performer functional and spatial requirements
  • establish engineering design criteria including all anticipated stage rigging loads, HVAC loading and electrical power requirements

Detailed technical design criteria will then be developed in consultation with the theatre staff in order to prepare contract documents and specifications for the following:

  • counterweighted and motorized theatrical rigging systems
  • theatrical lighting and control systems, distribution equipment and fixtures
  • orchestra pit and forestage filler systems
  • theatrical draperies
  • orchestra enclosures and movable acoustical elements

Fred Masino will personally participate throughout the design development, documentation and construction process to provide review and coordination of the architectural, mechanical, structural and electrical systems and to insure that the Client’s operational goals have been met.